How to become a surrogate mother? With SPARTa, it’s easy!

PLEASE NOTE! If you are sure that you are ready to become a surrogate mother and help a couple to become happy parents, you have to learn about the mandatory requirements for the participation in substitution pregnancy programs:

  • Age: 20-35. Restrictions are due to the fact that this period is the heyday of the female body;
  • Absolute mental and strong physical health;
  • Rhesus-positive blood;
  • You must have your own healthy child who was born in an absolutely natural way.

Reward to surrogate mothers

Compensation for a surrogate mother offered by our agency is 850,000 rubles for candidates residing in St. Petersburg
and 800,000 rubles to nonresident surrogate mothers.

Monthly allowance is 22,000 rubles before the gestation term of 9 weeks, and further – 25,000 rubles. After an ultrasound check at 20 weeks of pregnancy, the surrogate mother is paid 25,000 rubles which can be used for the purchase of clothing for pregnant women.

If you want to become a surrogate mother and already have a positive experience, SPARTa offers you special conditions!

Now there are a lot of advertisements on the Internet and in newspapers from people who are looking for a surrogate mother. Unfortunately, due to health issues, not every woman is able to become a mother. If you feel that you are able to help a childless couple make their cherished dream to have a baby come true, SPARTa agency offers you to become a surrogate mother. The women who set off the company have successfully participated in surrogacy programs and have firsthand knowledge of what a surrogate mother should expect, so, to begin with, in our Agency you receive psychological support and competent supervision at all the stages. We draw the attention of candidates to the fact that excellent physical and mental condition is a mandatory requirement to potential surrogate mothers.

A woman who is considering an opportunity of becoming a surrogate mother should understand the following:

  • This type of pregnancy involves a certain health risk. You may be prescribed to take hormonal drugs during the pregnancy or it may become necessary to induce labour for faster delivery for medical reasons.
  • You must not have any doubts about your willingness to give the baby to its genetic parents. If you, any of your relatives or your husband have any doubts, it is better to think again before you respond to the invitation to become a surrogate mother! It is quite possible that you are just not ready to become a surrogate mother.
  • It is preferable to live in St. Petersburg throughout the pregnancy, and it may also become necessary that you abstain from sexual life during this period.
  • In many aspects, the success of surrogate motherhood programs depends on the attitude of the woman who became the surrogate mother. Carrying a child for someone else is a great responsibility, and you must be ready for it.

If you are not from St. Petersburg, to participate in the programs, you need to take the following laboratiry tests at the place of residence:

  • Wassermann reaction (syphilis), form 50 (HIV), tests for hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months).
  • TSH-releasing factor
  • TORCH infections: toxoplasma, CMV, herpes, rubella (IgG antibodies)
  • cytological study of the cervix (valid for 1 year)
  • fluorography (valid for 1 year)
  • blood group + rhesus factor determination
  • the opinion of a therapist about the state of health. (valid for 1 year)
  • a psychiatrist’s report.
  • Ultrasound check of the condition of the endometrium and pelvic organs
  • ECG (valid for 1 year)

Upon your arrival in St. Petersburg, after confirmation of the results of your lab tests, provision of all the receipts from laboratories, your expenses for the tests will be compensated. Candidate surrogate mothers who live in St. Petersburg have laboratory tests performed free of charge in the laboratory of Invitro LLC.

There are people for whom the hope for happiness depends on finding a surrogate mother, and to everyone who wants to help people like that SPARTa explains how to become surrogate moms:
1. If you want your data to be included in our database, fill in our QUESTIONNAIRE.
2. You have to send your photo and the results of tests to our e-mail address:
3. After that, our specialists will contact you and invite you to the office of the company for an interview. You will need to take:

  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married
  • Birth certificates of your children

If you live in another city, you will be reimbursed for the transportation costs to St. Petersburg and back. Accommodation is provided for the duration of the program. Preference is given to candidates from St. Petersburg, as well as nonresident surrogate mothers who agree to move to St. Petersburg for the entire term of pregnancy.

Any healthy woman can become a surrogate mother and feel protected!

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