Q&A section for those who need a surrogate mother

What are the diagnoses in which the only way to have a baby is the use of surrogacy?

The indications for the use of surrogacy programs include:

  • оabsence of uterus, inoperable damage to the uterus/endometrial layer;
  • deformation of the uterine cavity or the cervix, either congenital or resuling from diseases;
  • сincurable adhesions of the uterine cavity;
  • эextragenital pathology which makes carrying pregnancy to term contraindicated or impossible;
  • serious diseases of internal organs, hypertension or oncological diseases;
  • numerous unsuccessful attempts when IVF produced high quality embryos but their transfer did not result in pregnancy.

Does the law of the Russian Federation allow to use the services of surrogate mothers when it is impossible to have a child naturally?

Russia is one of the countries where surrogacy is permitted by law. In our country, it is absolutely legal to use the services of a surrogate mother or to become one. The current Russian legislation is one of the most liberal in the world regarding the issues of reproductive technologies. The Basis of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Health Protection of Citizens No. 5487-1 of 22.06.1993 states:

"Every woman of full and childbearing age has the right to artificial insemination and embryo implantation. Artificial fertilization and embryo implantation are performed in institutions licensed for medical activity, with the written consent of the spouses (or the single woman). The information on the artificial insemination and embryo implantation, as well as on the identity of the donor, is a medical secret."

After the birth of the child, the surrogate mother, in accordance with Art. 51 of the Family Code, gives her consent to record the genetic parents in the Register of births as the parents of the child. After this record is made, the surrogate mother loses all her rights to the child.

How to find a suitable surrogate mother and confirm her ability to bear and give birth to the healthy baby of the genetic parents?

If there are no other ways to overcome infertility and you need the help of a surrogate mother, we advise you to read a useful article on finding a surrogate mother. It will tell you how you can find a surrogate mother and what difficulties you may have to face if you search for a candidate independently.

Our agency has its own database of surrogate mothers and oocyte donors, some of whom have already cooperated with us in previous protocols, and we know about the results.

We take responsibility for the choice of a decent candidate who meets all the medical requirements, is mentally and physically healthy and is able to carry a healthy child for you and, if you wish, supervise her throughout pregnancy.

Our company will arrange accommodation for you and the surrogate mother in St. Petersburg, in comfortable apartments or hotels during the period of the program.
The whole program of surrogacy preparation and implementation is performed only in the clinic.

How to choose the right clinic and the medical institutions that will be involved in the program?

Indeed, the choice of the clinic plays an important role here. During the nine years of our work, we have established cooperation with the clinics and laboratories of our city which have an excellent reputation, and now we continue to cooperate with them. We will help you to choose a fertility clinic based on our experience and your preferences, coordinate the work of the specialists, from fertility doctors to obstetricians/gynecologists.

How much should a family be ready to spend if they are planning to use surrogate motherhood services?

We always try to find the best options for you so that your expenses are as reasonable as possible.
Our agency is willing to develop personalized programs based on your resources and preferences.
Today the average fee of a surrogate mother is 850,000 rubles. The cost of the services of our Agency depends on the program you choose.

How to meet the legal requirements and be safe in terms of the compliance in such a complex and personal process?

It is important to find a real professional who you can entrust such a delicate affair. We, founders of SPARTa, personally participated in surrogacy programs, and we have firsthand knowledge of all the possible difficulties and nuances of this process, and so we are extremely demanding when it comes to personnel selection. We cooperate with the best lawyers specialized in this field, and they provide comprehensive legal support of the entire program. For our part, we are always willing to share our experience with each family, to give the necessary advice and to provide personal support.

You can have more detailed consultations in this field if you come to our office in the center of St. Petersburg: ul. Rubinsteina, h. 23
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