SPARTa Agency is the first company in St. Petersburg specializing in surrogate motherhood.

In fact, we have been engaged in the activity that is now performed by our agency for a long time.

We have first-hand knowledge of infertility problems and have our own experience of participation in such programs, in one role or in another. As we have already completed this challenging mission independently, we know exactly what we need to do to help couples find the simplest way to their long-awaited happiness.
We have proved that we can provide efficient and effective help to families facing with this serious problem and have gained the necessary experience in implementing and coordinating programmes of varying degrees of complexity.

Over 11 years of our work we have proved the efficiency and effectiveness of our work, and we gained the necessary experience in coordinating programs of varying degrees of complexity. In cooperation with the best fertility clinics in St. Petersburg, we have helped a large number of people to become happy parents. More than 640 healthy babies came into the world with our help.

In this period, about 40 more women are going to become mothers.

Our agency is ready to help more and more families to discover the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. We know very well how important it is to provide full legal support and ensure confidenciality of information at all stages of the program and upon its completion.
Therefore, we have selected the members of our team carefully and have checked on them on numerous occasions.

The team of St. Petersburg Reproductive Technologies Agency includes professional lawyers, doctors, supervisors, psychologists, economists. Your program will be implemented only by the best fertility specialists, who have the highest percentage of successful protocols in substitution pregnancy programs in St. Petersburg. Our agency has long established cooperation with laboratories which provide a full range of diagnostic services at the most affordable prices in St. Petersburg. We also have established contacts with medical institutions which have a good reputation and specialize in pregnancy care and delivery. We take into account individual possibilities of each individual family and, depending on your preferences, we are able to offer you delivery options in a range of price categories.

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