The choice of a good clinic is the key to the success of your surrogacy program. We work with the best partners!

Years of successful practice in the field of assisted reproductive technologies not only gave us invaluable experience but also increased the effectiveness of surrogate motherhood and egg donation programs up to 70%. We had the opportunity to work with the best fertility clinics in St. Petersburg and get good references from them. We offer our clients to use the services of the clinics which have become well-known in the world and earned European recognition due to their achievements and the use of the latest technologies. They will ensure maximum effectiveness of substitution pregnancy programs and egg donation. These clinics have secured the leading position of St. Petersburg in the field of IVF in Russia.

  • NGC Clinic of Reproduction and Genetics

    The clinic was open by the world famous fertility doctor, Nikolai V. Kornilov, who has 20 years of experience in infertility treatment. The clinic has implemented the achievements of modern science and the global experience of infertility treatment, the latest developments in prenatal diagnostics and genetics. The heart of the clinic is the embryologic laboratory, one of the best and largest in the northern capital.


    13th Liniya of Vasilievsky Island, h. 10, Lit. A
    Telephone: +7 (812) 7755555

  • The International Center for Reproductive Medicine

    has been operating since 1993. Today ICRM is:

    the first Center of the highest professional category in St. Petersburg, which is confirmed by the Commission for Licensing and Accreditation

    One of the leaders in the sphere of reproductive medicine, well-known for its employees' scientific achievements

    A full range of medical services aimed at infertility treatment, including diagnostics, pregnancy care and pregnancy maintenance.

    The latest methods of modern fertility technologies, successfully implemented in IVF and substitution pregnancy programs

    The International Center for Reproductive Medicine is located at the following address:
    53, bldg. 1, lit. A

    Telephone: 8 (812) 327-19-50, 8 (812) 328-22-51
    Official website:

  • Ava Peter clinic

    Ava Peter clinic is located at the following address:
    St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt, 22-24
    Telephone: (812) 600-77-78, (812) 336-30-50
    Fax: (812) 600-78-94
    Official website:

  • Euromed Invitro, an IVF medical center

    St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky Prospekt, h. 60

    phone: (812) 327-03-01

    Official website:

  • NGC
  • ICRM
  • Ava Peter
  • Euromed Invitro
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