A surrogate mother is your chance to beat infertility

For each family who apply to SPARTa center, we select a surrogacy program of surrogacy or, if necessary, egg donation program. The option which you chose or the individual program which was prepared for you by our employees determines the scope of the services provided by our center and their total cost. SPARTa Agency provides the services of surrogate mother and/or egg donor selection, full legal and technical support programs.
We guarantee:

  • The cost of the program and of the surrogate mom’s services remain unchanged from the moment of the execution of the agreement
  • All payments can be made in installments
  • Provision of detailed personal data about the surrogate mother
  • The fact that the amount of the surrogate mother’s compensation may not be changed
  • The payment for surrogacy services is effected in a legal manner, to the current account of SPARTa LLC
  • If the program is discontinued before embryo transfer, the surrogacy program will be continued for you by another candidate, without any additional costs for you to cover
  • The establishment of your paternity and/or motherhood in relation to the unborn baby carried by the surrogate mother
  • Guaranteed consent of the surrogate mother to have your names written in the documents of the baby that she carried
  • The potential surrogate mother undergoes medical examination twice
  • A personal supervisor controls the compliance with all the medical instructions by the surrogate mother during the preparation for the program and throughout the pregnancy
  • Complete confidentiality of the surrogacy program, as well as all the personal information related to the genetic parents and the surrogate mother.

You can find out the cost of surrogacy services by selecting one of our programs which is the most convenient for you.

Programs for those who need surrogate motherhood services

"Exclusive". The price of the package is 46,500 euros.

This program covers all the possible expenses for a surrogate mother, including:

  • The cost of pregnancy care and delivery assistance, as well as medicines prescribed to the pregnant woman
  • Monthly payments for enhanced nutrition of the surrogate mother
  • Costs of special clothes for pregnant women
  • Transportation and additional costs, accommodation and food expenses of the surrogate mother during the preparation and implementation of the surrogacy program
  • The compensation as such received by the surrogate mother. The price of her services is included in the agreement as a separate point.

The amount of the contract is paid in instalments, in every trimester of the pregnancy.
The cost of our services is calculated on the basis of the costs of pregnancy care in the Diagnostic Center of our company plus child delivery in the maternity ward No. 10 (ul. Tambasova, 21) or maternity ward No. 16 (ul. Malaya Balkanskaya, 54), as well as postpartum programs for the surrogate mother. The part of the cost which is related to the surrogate mother's service does not depend on the prices of the selected fertility clinic.

Programs for those who need egg donor services.

"Donor" and "Anonymous donor"

If you need a donor egg, we offer you special programs called "Donor" and "Anonymous Donor", in which you are offered a candidate donor who has undergone comprehensive medical examination in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and also has had tests to confirm the absence of genetic pathology.
We would like to emphasize that the cost of the package includes the donor's compensation as well as full coordination of the program, up to collection of biological material in a clinic of your choice. The medications used for donor stimulation are included in the contract price.
The cost of the Donor program is EUR 5,000, and the cost of Anonymous Donor program is EUR 3,500. If donor eggs are used in a program in which a surrogate mother participates, the price of the donor's services in the contract is a separate item.
If, for any reasons, it becomes impossible for the donor to participate in the program, it will be resumed with another worthy candidate without any additional costs on your part.

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