Find your parental happiness with SPARTa! Our advantages


You have taken a challenging path, struggling to have your own happiness, your own child. But now this way will be much easier for you, because you have SPARTa to help you, so it is not so long before your long-awaited baby comes into this world.

Why us? Because SPARTa has many advantages:
  • Our 11 years of experience in organizing and conducting programs of substitution pregnancy
  • Long-term cooperation with leading medical institutions in the sector. The best clinics and fertility doctors recommend SPARTa
  • Individual approach, with the possibility of personalized terms of the substitution pregnancy agreement
  • Customer-friendly payment options: on deferred terms or in installments
  • The availability of extensive, constantly updated databases of egg donors and surrogate mothers which makes it possible to start the program as quickly as possible (the average term of surrogate mother preparation for the program is one month)
  • Our own diagnostic center
  • Legal support of the programs is carried out by experienced lawyers, members of the Bar Association
  • Guaranteed issue of the child’s documents before the discharge from the maternity ward. The final payment for the services of the surrogate mother is effected after receiving the documents
  • Our official representative offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Competitive prices
  • Highly transparent system of calculations, no hidden costs to pay
  • We allow genetic parents to make their own decision on how often they wish to communicate with the surrogate mother
  • Well-organized professional control over surrogate mothers, with the appointment of a personal supervisor. Comfortable living conditions for surrogate mothers in a town house which was constructed for this purpose.
  • Agency’s own country house for surrogate mothers.
  • We understand the bonding power of the first minutes. As soon as the baby is born, it stays with its parents.
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