Surrogate motherhood is what it takes to turn a couple into happy parents


For a human being, propagation is not just a holy mission for a man and a woman. This is also indescribable joy of childbirth and upbringing the child up, the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, the hope for a dignified old age.
Unfortunately, the number of infertile couples is constantly increasing. What can you do if medical treatment did not provide the desired results, and do you have to give up the idea of having your own children and only think about adoption?

Modern medicine and genetics have found the answer, which is surrogate motherhood. In this case, after the IVF procedure, an oocyte of the mother fertilized with the sperm of the father is transferred to the uterus of a woman who is willing and able to bear and give birth to the couple’s child. The use of this reproductive technology solves the problems involved in the legal and medical components of the program, as well as helps to cope with many other issues. Despite all that, many people opt for surrogate motherhood, although this option is very expensive.

Legally, artificial insemination can be performed only in institutions which have a medical license, and subject to a written consent of patients (the Basis of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Health Protection of Citizens No. 5487-1 of 22.06.1993, Art. 35). According to the law, after childbirth the surrogate mother transfers all rights to the baby to its genetic parents (Article 51 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation). The information on artificial fertilization and on the carrying of the child by a surrogate mother is a medical secret. The cost of surrogacy depends on the choice of the clinic and the program and is not regulated by law.

From the medical point of view, the indications for the surrogacy programs are the following:

  • absence of the uterus or its damage; incurable adhesions in the uterine cavity;
  • impossibility of carrying pregnancy to term due to congenital or acquired diseases which result in deformation of the uterine cavity or the cervix;
  • diseases in which pregnancy is contraindicated or impossible;
  • serious diseases of organs and systems of the body, oncologic diseases;
  • repeated attempts of in vitro fertilization (IVF), in which the transfer of viable embryos did not result in pregnancy.

How to find a surrogate mother and the right fertility clinic? How much do we have to pay for surrogacy? These are just some of the numerous questions that arise when a married couple has IVF as the only option of having a baby which will have their genes.

parents-2Our agency provides comprehensive medical and legal support for surrogacy programs, from the search of surrogate mothers to dealing with all the related issues. During the ten years of our cooperation with the best fertility clinics of St. Petersburg, we have created a database of donors of oocytes and surrogate mothers who undergo strict selection; these are mentally and physically healthy women of the right age. And we offer surrogacy at the price which depends on your choice of an individual program, and all the costs are reasonable and justified. It is not easy to find a woman who is willing and able to carry YOUR CHILD. The professionals who work in our agency competently select a surrogate mother, offer a pregnancy care and childbirth program. The price of surrogate motherhood with IVF varies between 2,200,000 and 2,500,000 rubles.

We are always ready to provide legal and psychological support to couples who decided to take this difficult step, to recommend them an appropriate clinic and a surrogacy program at the price which they can afford and the terms of which correspond to their preferences.
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