Egg donors are a potential source of happiness

Actually, there are many more miracles in the world than we sometimes imagine. One of them is conception and childbirth. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to have this miracle happen… But for many cases of infertility there is an effective method that helped to become parents to many childless couples and single women. It is egg donation.

If you are a physically and mentally healthy woman under the age of 30, and you have your own healthy child, you have an opportunity to help women who have reproductive organs issues to become happy moms. To do this, just become an egg donor with SPARTa Reproductive Technologies Agency. You will see for yourself how simple it is during the program, but at first all the candidate egg donors need to know the following:

  • There will be no significant changes in your usual life. Preparation for the program and the actual participation in it do not prevent you from doing your job and being involved in your usual everyday activities;
  • egg donation takes very little time: you will need to visit the doctor 4 or 5 times and have 1 or 2 injections per day with the medicines prescribed to you;
  • to become a donor, it is not necessary to acquire any additional knowledge, do any trainings or courses;
  • your oocyte donation program with SPARTa will be held without any harm or health consequences. All you have to do is to follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations carefully. Provided you act in responsible manner, the risk of complications is as low as 0.1%;
  • at the end of the program you will receive a guaranteed reward, independent of the results of the subsequent fertilization. Its amount varies from 55,000 to 80,000 rubles.

If you have already made a decision to become an egg donor, you can always contact our agency,
by calling +7 812 313 22 02
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Are you still in doubt? We understand your doubts: the issue of egg donation, as well as other methods of assisted reproductive technologies, is surrounded by lots of of myths and speculations. However, leading medics hasten to dispel those factoids, authoritatively claiming that if the patient observes all the doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations properly, the donation is harmless for her health. Moreover, this can be done without complications up to five times a year.

Besides, the safety of oocyte donation procedure is also confirmed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. In our country, it is absolutely legal and regulated by the state.

Egg donation is a good mission that brings happiness of motherhood, brings a new life into the world and bonds families. And the reward for this must be appropriate. In SPARTa Agency, a donor is paid 55,000 rubles for their first donation. The fee is then increased in proportion to the donor’s experience. Payment is effected immediately after the egg collection and does not depend on the quality and quantity of the material received or on the results of fertilization.

Our agency invites young, healthy women who have at least one child and want to make the world a better place and get a good compensation for that. To be included into our donor base as a candidate, fill out the form and provide your photos and the photos of your child (children). For detailed information, call + 7 812 313 22 02

You are also welcome to visit us at: St. Petersburg, ul. Rubinsteina, 23

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