• Dear moms,
    you can participate in the program that SPARTa offers you

    going through the program in the most comfortable conditions, with full support at all stages, from preparation to the completion, caring attitude of medical personnel and curatorial staff, high final fee and comprehensive legal registration of your relationship with the genetic parents!

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  • Dear girls,
    you have a unique chance

    to make one more family in the world happy! To do this, you only need to participate in the oocyte donation program, and, for a decent compensation, you will help a childless couple to become mom and dad!

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    Sperm donors

    Requirements - age up to 35 years, presence of own children, healthy way of life. Payment of up to 20,000 per month.
    If you need to clarify any details, please call us by the telephone numbers provided on our website.

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    SPARTa has been helping
    childless couples to become parents for 11 years.

    and during this time the company has extended its noble business far beyond St. Petersburg. With our help, more than 500 couples from all over Russia have become happy parents and from other countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Montenegro and many others.

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  • Our Agency
    takes over the organization

    of all stages of surrogacy programs, from the formation of our database of available surrogate mothers and selection of a suitable candidate for genetic parents, to pregnancy supervision and delivery. The surrogacy clinic chosen according to our recommendations will meet the highest European standards, as we only work with the best! With our agency, you will get a turn-key surrogate motherhood program trouble-free.

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    We care
    about our surrogate moms,

    and so we raised the amount of the compensation up to 850,000 rubles, and monthly payments to 25,000 rubles!

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  • dom_surmam

    We hasten to let you know
    that our agency has put into operation a country house for surrogate moms!

    There are 20 pregnant women living in our house, each of them in a separate room.

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    We are pleased to inform you
    that we have a new partner!

    Next Generation Clinic, a modern clinic of Reproduction and Genetics, opened in St. Petersburg at: 13-ya Liniya V.O., house 10, letter A. We are sure that our joint activity will be successful and fruitful in all senses. This is because the head of our clinic is doctor Nikolai Valerievich Kornilov, who is loved and respected by all of us. More detailed information can be found on the website of our clinic, www.spbivf.com, or by calling 8-812-7755555.


SPARTa Surrogacy Agency: from the selection of a surrogate mother to the birth of a healthy child

Let’s make the world a better place together!

St. Petersburg Reproductive Technologies Agency is the first of the companies practicing surrogacy in St. Petersburg which specializes in the creation of personalized programs for helping childless families.

First of all, we are a surrogate motherhood center. In the past, the dream of becoming a mother could remain a dream for the rest of a person’s life. Underlying health problems, the detrimental effects of environmental factors on the reproductive system and surgical operations are only some of the factors leading to infertility. More and more couples faced with this problem now use this method. This is a very serious step which brings about some problems and tasks related to participation of a third person in the process. Of course, you can just give an ad and invite the first woman who answers to be the surrogate mother of your child, or choose a surrogate motherhood clinic at random. But what is the likelihood that such an approach will help you to become parents of a healthy child? From the moment they make a decision to get the services of a surrogate mother and at all the subsequent stages of the program, genetic parents have a lot of questions and fears. We have extensive experience in coordination of all stages of the process and a large number of successfully completed programs. As a surrogacy agency, SPARTa can deal with most of the issues on your behalf:


We select surrogate mothers with due account for the preferences of genetic parents and, of course, for the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare, and our many years of experience have enabled us to successfully select candidates within the shortest possible time. This is facilitated by our vast and constantly enlarged database of surrogate mothers, which includes only worthy candidates who have been checked by us.

Pregnancy care

Our supervisors monitor the health, wellbeing and mood of surrogate mothers and maintain constant contact with them throughout the pregnancy and the preparation for the surrogacy program in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Our company has its own diagnostic center, where experienced doctors provide pregnancy care to all surrogate mothers participating in our programs, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the turn-key surrogate motherhood programs that we provide.


Our company's professional lawyers will provide comprehensive support for the surrogacy program and are ready to give exhaustive consultations on any questions that the genetic parents and surrogate mothers may have.

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